November 1, 2016

Miss Ecuador Katherine Espin captured the Miss Earth 2016 Title

Miss Ecuador Katherine Espin capturing the Miss Earth 2016 crown last Saturday, October 29, at the Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City, Philippines was an affirmation of her front-runner status. But no matter how deserving and convincing a win, it was still marred by controversies.
Espin was considered a heavy favorite before the finale. She won a lion’s share of corporate awards and ended on top of the medal tally after winning medals in the pre-pageant activities. In fact, her placement and eventual win broke the curse that anyone who tops that leaderboard will end up unplaced.

Top performer
The 23-year-old future lawyer was one of the best performers of the night, alongside another top favorite Miss Venezuela Stephanie De Zorzi, Miss USA Corrin Stellakis and Miss Sweden Cloie Syquia Skarne. Espin gave the perfect balance of sexiness and elegance in both the swimwear and evening wear rounds. She was polished, well styled and was obviously shining on stage that night.
When USA and Sweden failed to make the final four, it was clear that the crown was just between Miss Ecuador and Miss Venezuela. But Espin cemented her win after nailing the final question round.

Asked what will be her program to protect the planet from climate change, she answered: “I truly believe in the 5 R’s, which is re-think, reduce, re-use, recycle and respect. Because I believe that as human beings, if we apply that to our everyday lives, we can make a change and we will reduce the problem that we have just mentioned. If we apply that to our everyday lives, I believe that we as humans can save the place we live in, which is our Mother Earth.”
The win
The exclusion of Miss Sweden and Miss USA in the Top 4 also came as a surprise because both gave outstanding and well applauded answers in the Top 8 Q&A round. They could’ve given Espin a run for her money in the final Q&A.
 Miss Vietnam Nam Em’s Top 8 placement was very welcome and deserved. Meanwhile, Miss Brazil Bruna Zanardo’s and Miss Colombia Michelle Gomez’s Top 4 placements were unexpected but their good performance throughout the finals night were proof that they earned it. Miss Venezuela started out strong but she faded during the first round of Q&A. She gave a better answer in the final question but Espin was just unstoppable.
But despite her solid performance in the finals, Espin’s victory wasn’t spared from issues. Some delegates and national directors are accusing her of being promised by a sponsor of the crown. Miss Philippines was caught on video throwing shade at her for allegedly having fake nose, chin and breasts (which Espin already denied). But the new Miss Earth remains unfazed.“I am very committed to work as Miss Earth. I have so many projects in mind. I really want to dedicate the whole year on working for the environment. I will leave everything else in my life and just focus on my reign as Miss Earth,” she said in a recent interview.

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