November 4, 2019

What Is Gown Preservation (And Do You Need It)?

Your wedding flies by in a beautiful blur and your gown that was once pristine now bears the evidence of how much fun you and your guests had. There’s dirt on the hem, someone spilled champagne on it, and your partner may have stepped on it once or twice while you were breaking it down on the dance floor. No worries - this just means you had a great time! While it can be tempting to just put it back in the garment bag and push it to the back of your closet - try to resist the urge! It’s super important to have your gown cleaned, and preferably no more than one month after your wedding (the sooner, the better). The longer the stains stay on the fabric, the less likely they are to come out. 

Most brides understand that they will need to have their gowns cleaned, but are surprised when the cleaning specialist suggests gown preservation, and are even more surprised when they see the cost. When we think preservation, we tend to think of antiques, old things that need special care and attention, but why preserve something that’s essentially brand new? Getting your gown preserved now helps keep it looking as close to new for as long as possible. This way, down the road, if your children or grandchildren want to wear it, or if you just want to take it out and reminisce, it looks just the way you remember it. 

What it Costs and How to Find a Reliable Vendor

The sticker shock for wedding gown cleaning and preservation is no joke, with the average cost coming in at around $400, but it can go upwards of $1,000, depending on the level of damage and detail on your gown (just when you thought you were done spending money on the wedding!). Most gown preservation specialists will need to see your gown in-person to provide you with an accurate quote. While you are there, ask them to see the box that they use to package the gowns. It should have a window where you can see through to the gown inside so that you can confirm it is indeed your gown that you're picking up. It is also important to read reviews before committing to a vendor. 

When it comes to finding a gown preservation specialist, it is always best to get a first-person recommendation from a friend or from the bridal boutique where you purchased your gown. Yelp and Google are also great places to find reviews and recommendations for vendors in your area; just type “Wedding Gown Cleaning and Preservation” into the search bar.

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